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Here at SHRED we are thrilled to be able to officially announce our partnership with Windham Mountain as our Official Host Mountain.  Prided as the Northeast’s year-round outdoor lifestyle destination, Windham Mountain Resort is known for their convenient location, family-friendly atmosphere, and impeccable customer service. As a partner, Windham will be generously donating lift tickets, rentals and snowboard instruction for our twelve youth participants this season. Additionally, the resort will work closely with SHRED to provide career workshops and events to raise awareness and funding for our programming. On our part, SHRED will be active in promoting and marketing Windham Mountain events, as well as encouraging our supporters to support the mountain throughout the year.

We would like to personally thank Marketing Director, Beth Stewart, Terrain Parks Manager, Keith Kreischer and Chip Seamans, President and General Manager of Windham Mountain Resort for their support of our vision and the outpouring of enthusiasm from the entire Windham family as we launch what we hope to be many a season of providing life long lessons and pathways to opportunity for the youth of the Hudson Valley.

Official Press Release below:

Windham Mountain Resort to be Official Winter Host to SHRED Foundation

Windham, NY (December 7, 2015) – Windham Mountain Resort has announced that it will be the

Official Host Mountain for the Hudson Valley based SHRED Foundation. SHRED exists in order to provide life and career opportunities for youth in small urban and rural areas. “This is an exceptional organization that fits well with our family friendly culture of sharing the life-long sports that we love,” said Chip Seamans, President and General Manager of Windham Mountain Resort.

Over the course of six weekends, SHRED participants will make trips to Windham Mountain Resort where they will learn to get up on a snowboard to cruise snowy trails. Sponsored with gear, instruction, and mentoring, they will progress through introduction to proficiency. To complement their new competence with a snowboard, SHRED participants will explore industry careers in retail, gear production, and performance tuning. These paths are made possible through relationships with many fantastic players throughout the industry.

SHRED is an acronym that stands for Snowboarders & Skaters Helping Reimagine Education. Danny Hairston, the founder of SHRED, has a ten-year career of using board sports as a vehicle for youth development. He has put his heart and soul into using the snow and skate culture to reimagine the educational process. “There are a lot of kids that are checked out of that (education) process. What we want to do is reengage them. We want it to be a bottom up approach – one where the kids are learning as they go through this experience. They’re also being geared toward those careers that they’re interested in, and we are helping facilitate that on our end.”

As a mantra of sorts, the three main pillars of SHRED are Fear, Fail, Flow. Danny declares that “flow is when you’re in fluid motion and you’re at the top of the world and everything slows down. But you only get there through the fear and the fail.” Windham Mountain Resort and SHRED Foundation aim to guide these young people to their flow, and to instill this mindset so that it can be utilized in all aspects of their lives.

The dates for this collaboration are 1/24/16, 1/31/16, 2/7/16, 2/21/16, 2/28/16, and 3/6/16.


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